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Thu. July 19,2018
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17 Fri. March 2017      15:26
European countries criticize Bahrain’s human rights record

France, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Denmark criticized Bahrain's human rights record, and called on Manama to abolish all restrictions imposed on civil society associations. During Human Rights Council discussion at its 34th Session in Geneva, France expressed its support to the European Union (EU) statement, which warned against the deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain. France stressed that it would continue to work on "banning torture and ill-treatment in many countries including Bahrain."

On its part, Czech Republic expressed grave concern concerning the escalating human rights violations in Bahrain, especially by mean of death penalty implementation. On another hand, Ireland said it is worried concerning the imposed restrictions on civil society association in Bahrain, and the execution of death penalties.

Furthermore, Denmark warned of the deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain, and called on the Gulf monarchy to exhibit more cooperation with the Human Rights Council.

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