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Thu. July 19,2018

About Us

Bahrain Observer is an independent website, monitoring political developments in Bahrain with the aim of shedding light on the human rights situation and civil liberties and supporting the establishment of democracy in this country. The four-decade long political crisis in Bahrain between the regime and the people over fair political participation and elimination of political and social discrimination has deepened since the beginning of the new round of street protests on the 14th of February, 2011, and cases of human rights violations and limitations of political and civil liberties have increased due to strict security measures of the government.

Considering the special political and security relations between the ruling family in Bahrain and some western powers, it is necessary to pay significant attention to fair news coverage of the crisis in Bahrain and for international institutes to carefully study the political deadlock in this country and its usage of violence against its citizens.
Bahrain Observer, while appreciating the efforts made by the institutions, personalities and media who are active with regard to human rights issues and by the supporters of civil liberties who pay attention to the crisis in Bahrain, attempts to help in the improvement of the human rights situation and solving the political crisis in this country by producing and reflecting unbiased and documented news, reports, and analyses about the Bahraini crisis. 

Bahrain Observer does not consider itself a party in the dispute between the regime and the opposition in Bahrain; it merely supports the improvement of the human rights situation and civil liberties in this country.

Bahrain Observer believes that a democratic structure in Bahrain can help in the achievement of these humanitarian objectives and solving the crisis deadlock between the people and the regime.


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